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When was the last time you bought a stock illustration for under three dollars?
Illustration fonts
Collection One
BelfryBats sample
Cricket Graphics of Las Vegas, Nevada introduces our line of high quality spot illustrations in font form called CrickArt™ Illustration fonts. Created with the creative professional in mind.
Each character is painstakingly crafted for visibility at small and very large sizes. All of the whimsical characters are produced by illustrators Brian Swanson and Dar Freeland.
Available as either Mac PostScript or PC Truetype.
Each set contains 52 to 62 images or characters, each one strong enough to stand on its own. Use them in your favorite draw program, tinted as background images in your page layout program, icons for web pages, flyers, packaging or whatever you can imagine.

Click on Font sample to see a complete description of the characters, or view Collection One.

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BelfryBats is quirkiness at it's finest. Everything from zeppelins to sea serpents, this is the font that started the whole line. $99.95 usd

CommBats is communication oriented with tv's and laptops, to radio antennas and such.
$99.95 usd

Coso are petroglyph images taken from the Coso Range in California. Shamans, Bighorn sheep and various indigenous designs.
$49.95 usd

is a collection of faces that range from thinkers to teenagers, and many other expressive individuals. $49.95 usd

RetroMetro consists of wacky images depicting items you would most likely find at a flea market or garage sale. With the exception of atomic blasts and beehives.
$99.95 usd

SinBats is one of our newest line depicting the casino industry with gaming, entertainment and food & beverage. Hey, we live in Vegas!
$99.95 usd

SwinginDick is a crazy dancing character and all his swingin' buddies.
$99.95 usd

YogosOne are images created in likeness of Dar Freeland's sculpture series Yogos™. Joyful stretching and contemplative yoga postures.
$99.95 usd

Order the complete CollectionOne for $349.95 and save big dough, click here.

CommBats sample
Coso sample
MeeplesOne sample
RetroMetro sample
SinBats sample
SwinginDick sample
YogosOne sample

New Font
Illustration fonts
Collection Two
AIGA 2002 peep show silver award winner  

ByteMe is our
NEWEST font starting our Collection Two series. It was a Silver Award Winner at the Las Vegas AIGA chapter Peep Show Awards for Illustration, hosted at the Guggenheim Museum. You asked for food icons, you got it. Chow down on these. $99.95 usd

ByteMe font sample

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